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The Foundation will play a critical role in attracting the brightest and the best to provide cutting edge healthcare for our local community.

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Nepean Blue Mountains Local health District’s (NBMLHD) people are its greatest asset. With your support, the Foundation is here to help NBMLHD nurture its highly skilled staff and build its workforce for the future.

Graduating a training course, presenting at a conference or receiving a scholarship brings benefits beyond the individual.

The Foundation recognises education and training is fundamental to delivering high quality patient care, conducting research and innovating. We support NBMLHD expanding its education and training program so all staff can actively engage in life-long learning.

NBMLHD is increasing its nationally recognised training programs, embracing new technologies for eLearning, simulation and virtual classrooms, as well deepening partnerships with universities, colleges, institutes and its on-campus clinical schools. Building the team for the future is a key priority.

NBMLHD is targeting future health professionals currently completing high school. Programs include immersive work experience, an Allied Health Assistant and Assistant in Nursing Certificate III course and the 2019 NSW Premier Award finalist, Koori Kids Futures program focused on encouraging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to pursue health careers. Nepean Hospital is renowned for its training program in Urology. It is the number one choice for registrars throughout Australasia.

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